Headsafe has developed Nurochek, an innovative, patented medical device which will revolutionise brain assessment. Literally, a brain scanner that fits in a briefcase.
This FDA approved device comprises a headset that shines lights into the subject’s eyes, and soft foam sensors which securely transmit the resulting EEG signal to a smartphone for analysis, and to the cloud for storage. The entire process takes only 2 minutes.
Headsafe believes saving brains creates lasting value.
Petra Andrén

Adrian Cohen

Co-founder & CEO, Headsafe
Dr. Adrian Cohen is the founder of Headsafe, with over 30 years practical expertise in emergency services in Australia and abroad.
Over the last decade he has piloted studies into brain injury assessment culminating in the development of Nurochek, an innovative, portable, objective and affordable brain assessment device.
Adrian also runs Not for Profit charity “”Nurosafe””, dedicated to the elimination of preventable head and neck injuries through education, awareness, advocacy and research and is a founder of the Australian Sports Brain Bank.

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Which book can you recommend for holiday reading?

Trent Dalton: Boy Swallows Universe. Unique and engaging.

What will your company most likely be doing in 5 years?
Saving brains globally.
If you could solve one global challenge what would it be and why?
Energy availability: as it addresses climate change, poverty and hunger.
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