Tech23 MATTER Investor Briefings

Interested to know how you can play a role in the deeptech ecosystem that is taking shape?

The Tech23 MATTER Investor Briefings are virtual events specifically designed for angel investors, professional investors in PE and VC, corporate and strategic investors to quickly gain practical insights for building their own deeptech portfolios.

Join these Briefings to explore how to invest in companies that trap atoms in space to create quantum computers, build cells with biology for carbon negative buildings or engineering proteins that have been brewed like beer to make food from the air.

Often coming from the lab to the market, high-growth deeptech companies do not seem to follow the same path as other startups – they require more R&D, have important underlying IP, and are often addressing big challenges that have the potential to disrupt industries and create markets!

The Tech23 MATTER Investor Briefings will encourage attendees to think about IP, traction, timelines, team, relationships with the research community and industry.

Each of these free, intimate and interactive sessions will include a thought-provoking Briefing with a cap of 20 attendees. Each Briefing will include a 30 minute panel session with thought leaders representing a wide range of industries and areas of expertise followed by audience Q&A. A playbook PDF will also be provided for each Briefing by Main Sequence Ventures.

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