Additive Assurance

Additive Assurance has developed a process monitoring and quality assurance solution for laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing. High fidelity process data coupled with powerful machine learning algorithms, this solution enables full process traceability. The technique allows manufacturers to ensure the structural integrity of components as they are being made and correct for anomalies when they occur. This drastically reduces the cost of part certification and enables manufacturing at the location of need.
Petra Andrén

Marten Jurg

Co-founder & Manufacturing Engineer, Additive Assurance
Biography – Marten Jurg is the CEO and Founder of Additive Assurance. Marten, along with his Co-founder and PhD supervisor Andrey Molotnikov, developed this technology whilst at Monash University. Marten previously worked as a design engineer in the additive manufacturing sector and also worked at NASA’s Ames Research Centre in California.

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