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Tessara Therapeutics

Breaking therapeutic barriers in neurology

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Christopher Boyer Chief Business Officer, Director

Dr Christos Papadimitriou CEO & Managing Director

Dr Christian Toouli Head of Commercial Engagement

Tessara Therapeutics is a regenerative medicine company developing RealBrain® technology; highly reproducible, synthetically produced, neural micro-tissues grown in the lab, designed to mimic the physiology of the human brain and manufactured at industrial scale.
They converge innovations in biology, robotic automation, neuroscience, AI, data and materials science to commercialise their RealBrain® technology as 3D models of healthy and diseased brain tissues so that the biopharmaceutical industry can discover better drugs. They are also developing their micro-tissues as a regenerative medicine platform to produce safe and efficacious tissue-replacement therapies to treat significant neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

What (and whose) problem is your company trying to solve?

Our vision is to help patients and their clinicians address neurological disease by protecting, restoring and rebuilding the brain. We are developing our RealBrain(R) micro-tissue technology as a more physiologically relevant and reproducible model of healthy and diseased brain tissues, so that the biopharmaceutical industry can utilise these models to discover and develop better drugs. We are also developing our micro-tissues as neuro-regenerative tissue therapeutics with an initial focus on developing a disease modifying therapy for Parkinson’s disease.


Dr Christos Papadimitriou

CEO & Managing Director, Tessara Therapeutics

Christos Papadimitriou is the CEO and Managing Director of Tessara Therapeutics. Christos is an award-winning qualified neuroscientist with solid experience in commercialisation. He has been working in the field of regenerative medicine at world-class institutes, including Johns Hopkins Medical School, ETH Zurich, EMBL Heidelberg and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, to develop regenerative medicine applications with a commercial focus.

Christos is highly skilled at identifying commercial opportunities and creating spin-out entities to commercialise new IP in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare space.

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What impact is your company hoping to make on the world?

To break therapeutic barriers in neurology and realise a future in which we can protect, restore and rebuild the brain.

Do you have any opinion you want to share on the influence of ESG on Deep Tech; Open Innovation models; Corporate Innovation or future deeptech innovations that excite you?

An area of innovation that excites us is the convergence of machine learning / AI into biotechnology and medicine as an exciting new frontier that we are also focused on at Tessara. Biological systems, clinical practice, biotechnology and drug development generate vast amounts of data. The potential to harness and interpret this data has the promise to lead to significant advances in how we understand medicine and its application to maintaining health and addressing diseases.

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