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Ubiquitous sensing using existing Fiberoptic infrastructure

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Dr Mark Englund CEO

FiberSense is an Aussie-founded deeptech scaleup repurposing existing telco Fiberoptic cables already in the ground, allowing them to act as massive ubiquitous vibration sensor networks to detect and give insights into all movement/vibration in the urban environment.

What impact is your company hoping to make on the world?

FiberSense is bringing the power of massive scale sensing to make people safer, reduce emissions and make cities work better. We prevent accidental excavation strikes on dangerous underground critical infrastructure such as high voltage power, gas pipes or other vital underground utilities. We cut emissions associated with lost water and burst pipes, by speeding up identification and prevention. We help cities to sense and understand what is happening inside them, for example measuring vehicle movement and long term traffic patterns in real time to enable true smart city operations without the costs associated with scaling up IoT/point sensor deployments.


Dr Mark Englund

Founder & CEO, FiberSense

Mark Englund is the Founder and inventor of FiberSense’s technology, with the vision to bring the power of ubiquitous, continuous, real-time, gapless, massive-scale vibration sensing, to make people safer, cities run better and help save the planet. He has previously built and sold Redfern Photonics, worked internationally in the Photonics & Telecoms industries, was a researcher at DSTL, and has a PhD in Physics from the University of Sydney.
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What (and whose) problem is your company trying to solve?

FiberSense bring affordable massive scale sensing to complex urban environments. We bring the power of massive scale sensing coverage at low cost in order to save lives, cut carbon emissions and make cities work better. We can enable the existing Fiberoptics lines already in the ground to also act as massive arrays of super accurate vibration sensors without having to put any sensors into the field, and we use that massive sensing capability to protect our utility clients underground assets from accidental damage (e.g. from excavators), monitor the condition of their assets to allow preventative repairs (e.g. of water leaks), we help city governments bring the power of smart cities to entire urban areas cost effectively enabling them to monitor traffic and vehicle movements in real time, everywhere without putting any equipment onto the vehicle.

Do you have any opinion you want to share on the influence of ESG on Deep Tech; Open Innovation models; Corporate Innovation or future deeptech innovations that excite you?

We are very grateful to the corporate innovators and allies who have supported FiberSense’s early growth. By acting as early adopters and reference customers, they have been a vital part of our development and in return have recieved game changing sensing insights that are helping their organisations as they show other utilities and cities what is possible with FiberSense.

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