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Diabetes Neuromathix

Intelligent artificial pancreas transforms unstable diabetes

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Dr Nigel Greenwood Chief Executive Officer

Prof Jenny Gunton Chief Medical Officer

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Using proprietary, patented artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms developed by a related company, Diabetes Neuromathix (DNx) data-mines individual medical histories of people with type-1
diabetes, to generate organ-scale personalised models of type-1 diabetes in their bodies.
A novel form of AI, able to run on isolated Edge devices such as a computing tablet, then generates interactive personalised insulin dosing strategies. As Team MachineGenes, DNx had its technology peer-reviewed by international experts before being listed in 2020 by the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE as one of their ten semi-finalists worldwide, and the only one from outside North America and Europe.

We are interested in exploring the relationship between overseas students and deeptech. A good proportion of Tech23 Alum founders came to Australia to study. We would be interested to know if any of your founders are migrants or came to Australia to study and then stayed? Please feel free to let us know anything around your challenges for finding, retaining current or future employees.

Our founders are both Australian, but have studied and done research overseas. A major challenge of this technology we have developed is that it has proved much easier to get interest overseas than here in Australia.


Dr Nigel Greenwood

Co-founder & CEO, Diabetes Neuromathix

A mathematician, Nigel Greenwood is the inventor of the algorithms that underpin DNx, based on new forms of machine learning/AI he developed. These were inspired by evolutionary ecosystems, rather than the neural networks conventionally used for ML/AI.

He is one of Australia’s Spitfire Memorial Defence Fellows and was Leader of Team MachineGenes, one of the global semi-finalists in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE (2017-2021). A former Australian Government senior analyst and former Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Queensland, he turned entrepreneur and co-founded DNx with Professor Jenny Gunton to transform the quality of life of people with unstable forms of type-1 diabetes. He is the named inventor for multiple AI patents in the United States and other international markets.

His algorithms were among those showcased by the United Nations’ 2019 “AI for Good” Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Prof Jenny Gunton

Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer, Diabetes Neuromathix

Professor Jenny Gunton heads the Centre for Diabetes, Obesity and Endocrinology Research (CDOER) and Westmead Institute for Medical Research (WIMR). She is Chair of Medicine at Westmead Hospital and a clinical endocrinology/diabetologist.

She received her PhD from the University of Sydney in 2003 having studied in Rob Baxter’s lab at the Kolling Institute. She completed her post-doctoral fellowship in Ron Kahn’s lab at the Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School in 2005. She returned to Australia to the Garvan Institute and set up the Diabetes and Transcription Factors lab. In 2012, she became the President of the Australian Diabetes Society and in 2014 became Chair of Medicine at Sydney University, Westmead Hospital. Her lab moved to the new WIMR in late 2014.

Her research interests include diabetes, obesity, and vitamin D. She is particularly interested in the intersection of transcription factors and their regulation by nutrients.

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