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Dan Draper CEO and Founder of CipherStash

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CipherStash is an end-to-end, searchable encrypted data storage platform that keeps data secure by ensuring it’s always encrypted. It’s fast, flexible and based on existing industry standards.
Both documents and queries are encrypted (and decrypted) using the encryption service. CipherStash was designed from the ground up to meet very high levels of security and compliance. Instead of building on top of existing relational-databases or search indexes (which have major security drawbacks, even when encrypted), CipherStash uses a fast, memory-mapped B-tree and an Order-Revealing Encryption scheme based on research from Stanford University.

What makes your team unique?

Our team is an intersection of three important capabilities: we understand the academic research, we understand the practical engineering required to make that research useful and we understand the developer community.


Dan Draper

Founder & CEO, CipherStash

Dan is the CEO and Founder of CipherStash, a Sydney based data security startup building a searchable encrypted data storage platform for sensitive data. Previously, Dan has worked as a VP of Engineering at Medical Director and at Expert360 and is also the Executive Producer for the forthcoming docu-series, Debugging Diversity. Dan is an experienced cryptography engineer and his mission is to empower all developers with the knowledge they need to build secure applications.
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What (and whose) problem is your company trying to solve?

We make it easy for developers to build more secure applications that store sensitive data. We are focusing on fintech, health-tech and eCommerce.