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Crop protection companies (CPCs) are coming under increasing pressure to help growers reduce their use of chemical pesticides.

RapidAIM Bio-digital crop protection sells area-wide pest analytics to CPCs so that they can deliver precision pest management products and services to their grower customers.

Tracking and detecting pest insects in real time provides assurance and increases adoption by growers and improves the supply and distribution of products for more efficient and sustainable management of pests.

What makes your team unique?

Our diverse thinking. Our team consists of a unique combination of entomologists, biologists and engineers (hardware, firmware, software and machine learning) as well as business and commercialisation skills, to solve a global problem.


Dr Nancy Schellhorn

Co-founder & CEO, RapidAIM

Dr Schellhorn is Co-founder, Co-inventor and CEO of RapidAIM bio-digital crop protection. RapidAIM’s on a mission to reduce the chemical intensity of agriculture by taking the guesswork out of pest management.

Prior to launching RapidAIM Pty Ltd, Nancy was a Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO in Brisbane Australia where she lead teams of scientists to use novel tools and technologies to solve traditional problems in agriculture. Nancy took the leap into the commercial realm to have greater impact with her science, to go beyond the pen and megaphone, and create the solution for change.

Nancy has served on many national and international committees and advisory panels; has received many accolades and awards including Chairman’s Medal (CSIRO’s top scientific achievement accolade); and >1600 peer-reviewed citations.

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“Peter Isdale has given me the courage to be an innovator and to tackle a big challenge. He has immense commercial experience and business acumen and is a trusted advisor and friend.”

– Dr Nancy Schellhorn

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