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Mass Dynamics

Smarter mass spectrometry data to knowledge

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Paula Burton CEO

Dr Giuseppe Infusini Proteomics Informatics Lead

Aaron Triantafyllidis Technical Product Lead

A/Prof Andrew Webb Chief Scientist

Imagine a tool that is so powerful and versatile that it can play a major role in accelerating medical research and drug development and holds the potential to answer infinite questions about nature. That’s what mass spectrometry is.
However, to harness this technology, we must first overcome industry-wide challenges in a) processing, analysis and sharing of mass spectrometry data, and b) the transformation of this data to knowledge.

Mass Dynamics exists to make this possible for global life scientists so they can maintain focus on researching and developing life-enriching diagnoses, treatments and preventions and ultimately free humanity from the burden of disease.

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Matt Allen and Dave Thomas have been instrumental on our journey. From not only providing first cheques, but connecting us with their network to bring on further capital, guiding decisions and helping us with the harsh reality checks when we need it.


Paula Burton

Co-founder & CEO, Mass Dynamics

As CEO and Co-founder at Mass Dynamics (MD), Paula Burton loves connecting dots between modern business strategy, technology, shared value outcomes and super-talented people to bring the company’s mission to life. What gives her endless energy and drive is knowing that MD is contributing directly towards helping life scientists free humanity and society from the burden of disease.

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