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Innofocus Photonics Technology

Smarter, greener, happier life by laser nanofabrication

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Innofocus Photonics Technology is a cutting-edge technology startup company providing world-leading intelligent laser nano-fabrication system equipment and services for both academia and industries.
Leveraged by their leading photonics products and solutions, they are able to realise the fabrication of new advanced materials and deepen the development of energy-saving, emission reduction, and green healthcare solutions. The specific application domains include graphene photothermal materials and solutions; electroless cooling materials and solutions; photonics devices like fiber Bragg grating (FBG), wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) and photonics wire bonding (PWB) waveguides, and microlens array; nano-structured surface engineering solution for long-lasting disinfection and deodorisation; and seed/foliage coating protection solution for agriculture productivity.

What (and whose) problem is your company trying to solve?

Innofocus is dedicated to developing products and solutions to enable advanced technology research and enrich happier daily life. Our market is rapidly extending from advanced manufacturing to new energy, smart glass/film, new materials, intelligent IoT ecosystem, and green healthcare industries. We look forward to creating greater value for scientific research, green energy alternative solutions, and new materials applications.

With our continuous innovation, we are able to leverage the latest photonics products and solutions to realize the fabrication of many new green materials and deepen the development of energy saving and emission reduction solutions. The typical application domains include graphene photothermal materials and solutions, electroless cooling materials and solutions, photonics WDM devices and solutions, FBG devices and solutions, etc. We rejoice to be able to transform the technology of photonics into equipment and devices, enabling products and solutions that can benefit people’s livelihood.


Frank Yao

Founder & CEO, Innofocus Photonics Technology

Frank Yao is the Founder and CEO of Innofocus Photonics Technology. He is an entrepreneur focused on transforming technologies into business solutions and value services.

Frank also holds non-executive director roles in several companies in the UK, USA, and China. He used to be CMO & Chief Business Architect for a multi-billion USD revenue technology business. Frank has 20+ years work experience across Asia, Europe, ME, and Australasia. His previous responsibilities include R&D, strategy, portfolio management, marketing , sales and operations.

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How did you decide on your company name?

At Innofocus, our vision is to “Explore Infinity Through Light”. To achieve it, we believe in “Keep Innovating, Stay Focused”, which is written in the DNA of our team.

What impact is your company hoping to make on the world?

We have been driving translation from technologies into products through innovations of manufacturing capabilities and new materials characteristics, enabling people to experience real change in their lives, smarter, greener and happier.

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