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HB11 Energy

Clean, safe and unlimited energy

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Lukasz Gadowski Director

Prof Heinrich Hora Scientific Director

Jan Kirchhoff Financial Director

Dr Warren McKenzie Managing Director

Based on the careers’ work by HB11 Energy Founder Emeritus Professor Heinrich Hora, HB11’s approach is the nuclear fusion of hydrogen and boron using high-power lasers.
It has recently been proven scientifically viable in several internationally significant experimental breakthroughs. HB11 Energy is conducting an international research program aimed at reaching net-energy-gain, then a power plant that will provide large-scale clean energy generation in a timeframe to make an impact on climate change.

How many Founders has your company got? How did you meet?

Four founders. HB11 Energy’s research into laser fusion was started by Prof Heinrich Hora shortly after the discovery of the laser in the 1960’s. His theories were proven true in the 2010’s uncovering a new approach to large-scale fusion energy production. Dr McKenzie met Prof Hora at UNSW Sydney and worked with family friend Jan Kirchhoff to found HB11 Energy as the best way to drive the project outside of the University. On opening our first funding raise, deeptech veteran entrepreneur and investor Lukasz Gadowski joined as the fourth Founder to help with the accelerated growth of HB11 Energy.


Dr Warren McKenzie

Founder & Managing Director, HB11 Energy

Warren McKenzie is a Materials Scientist specialising in nanotechnology and building companies from scientific breakthroughs.

Beyond university-based achievements, he has founded or been instrumental in the establishment of five companies from universities, all of which are enjoying continued success.

Warren is a Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales, Adjunct Academic at UNSW Materials, an Endeavour Fellow and Surf Lifesaver.

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What does success look like to you?

Initially, the holy grail of any fusion research program – achieving net-energy-gain. That is generating more energy in fusion than is used to ignite it. No one has achieved this to date.

What impact is your company hoping to make on the world?

Make a big impact on carbon emissions, with added economic benefits rather than consequences.

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