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1414 Degrees

Clean, scalable energy storage

1414 Degrees’ patented Thermal Energy Storage Solution (TESS) takes in electricity or biogas, stores it as heat and discharges both heat and electricity in the proportions required. The TESS provides an alternative to gas, coal or electricity for process heat, enabling low-cost carbon reduction using renewable energy sources.

Robotics helping farmers revolutionise agriculture

Agerris develops autonomous robotic solutions to help farmers reduce their on-farm input costs, improve agricultural productivity and environmental sustainability. These solutions include non-chemical weeding, individualised crop and animal intelligence and manipulation, and solar-electric platforms that can operate all day and night under different weather conditions. Their systems have to deal with plant and animal biology (that constantly evolve) and operate across different terrains, so the hardware solutions are designed to be modular and interact with on-farm re-configurable AI techniques.


Ultra-sensitive diagnostic testing

Despite the recent development of advanced technologies, current diagnostic methods still lack sensitivity and accuracy, require dedicated laboratories, highly trained personnel and have therefore prevented early, large-scale and affordable diagnosis, in particular in developing countries - Attoquest seeks to remedy this.


Baraja’s Spectrum-Scan™: defining a new category of LiDAR

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Sydney, Baraja began its work on a breakthrough LiDAR technique in the garage of Founder & CEO Federico Collarte. Federico and his Co-founder & CTO Cibby Pulikkaseril created an elegant solution to the complex problems facing legacy LiDAR systems that give vision to self-driving vehicles. Their Spectrum-Scan™ approach address scalability, reliability, vehicle integration and performance issues that legacy LiDAR technologies cannot. Baraja, backed by Sequoia China, Blackbird Ventures and Main Sequence Ventures’ CSIRO Innovation Fund, has 95 employees and has offices in Sydney, San Francisco and Shanghai.

Blueprint Lab
Blueprint Lab

Robotics for remote and hostile environments

Blueprint Lab is an Australian robotics company specialising in the development of robotics and control software for remote and hostile environments. Their first product line of Reach System robotic manipulators serve as a capability multiplier for inspection class subsea vehicles. Customers include US Navy and Oil and Gas.

Canopus Networks

Elevating online gaming and streaming experience

Canopus develops software to classify Internet traffic at hundreds of Gigabits-per-second speeds to identify gaming and streaming video flows in real-time using patented AI technology. With Canopus, ISPs can optimise network bandwidth to improve video streaming quality and reduce gaming latency. Canopus is commercialising Programmable Networking and Machine Learning IP developed at UNSW, has raised venture investment, is in commercial partnerships with hardware and firmware suppliers from USA and Canada, and is undertaking technology trials with Tier-1 Telcos in Australia.

Clever solutions for tackling climate change

ClimateClever is a new engaging, data-driven program underpinned by innovative online tools designed to help schools and communities to measure, monitor, compare and reduce their carbon footprint and become leaders in sustainability and climate action. It also saves considerable money in the process!
Quality produce has a voice

Every carton of food that moves through the supply chain has a unique journey; this journey can rarely be predicted. Any deviation from ideal accelerates the deterioration of the product, leading to increased waste and inconsistent quality. Existing systems only allow each participant in the chain to see their leg of the chain, and often solutions are also only category or commodity specific. escaVox provides a B2B solution that uses a range of technologies and commercial models to improve supply chain efficiency, resulting in better product and less waste for the consumer.

Intelligence for a safer world
Fivecast is enabling a safer world. As a world-leading provider of cutting-edge digital intelligence solutions, we deliver the world’s foremost public and private organisations with the capability to explore masses of digital data, gaining critical insights which are used to protect our communities. Formed through a collaboration between Australian security agencies and research organisations, Fivecast now delivers operational capabilities to customers across the world.

IoT that secures IoT communications

HackHunter secures IoT communications by detecting and locating malicious activity used to intercept wireless communications. HackHunter protects everything from mobile phones using WiFi to IoT sensors communicating with management and control systems e.g. power utilities, medical appliances.

HackHunter is an IoT sensor that continuously monitors for malicious activity and alerts security management systems in real-time when detected. The HackHunter Portable Tracker then precisely locates the malicious source, whether hidden under the floor or in a bag etc. so it can be removed.

Authentication of things - trust enhancer

Laava Smart Fingerprints are a low cost, secure and brandable visual mark of trust. Unlike QR codes, Laava Fingerprints are resistant to spoofing, reverse engineering. This transforms the label into a form of interactive media.

Lighting the way for a trusted supply chain
Lumachain brings transparency to global supply chains, benefitting producers, enterprises and consumers. Their platform tracks and traces the origin, location and condition of individual items in a supply chain, in real time, from farm to fork. This rewards producers for creating high-quality, sustainable and ethically-produced food, while reducing waste and risk. Lumachain recently raised a $3.5 million seed round, led by Main Sequence Ventures, and is working with some of Australia and the world’s leading food and transport companies.
Creating robots that work!

Almost two-thirds of horticultural producers have crop left unpicked each season because they cannot find the right labour at the right time. The team from LYRO Robotics has developed robotic systems that can pick and pack fruit which allows growers to concentrate on farming and not on managing teams of backpackers. In 2017 they led the team that won the “Olympics” of robotic picking out-competing 15 other teams worldwide by picking the most objects in the given time.
LYRO Robotics is creating the brains and the hands of the future robotic workforce for horticulture and logistics worldwide.

“Creating the brain, the eyes, and the hands for the next generation of smart robots that can perform a variety of tasks currently done by human hands.” - LYRO

Okra Solar
Okra Solar
Empowering people through energy access
Okra is a technology company providing affordable and scalable electricity to the 1 billion people living without access to energy. Leapfrogging western technology, Okra's plug-and-play smart grids combine the flexibility of solar home systems with the power availability of fully-fledged mini-grids. Energy Utilities now have a profitable model to energise "last mile" off-grid communities around the world. Access to electricity is the first step in enabling these communities to beat poverty cycles and access endless opportunities. The Okra Team has won worldwide accolades and awards such as Eurelectric - "Most Disruptive Energy Company 2018", PFAN - "Most Investable Business in Cleantech 2018", IoTHub - "Best IoT Startup 2019", and won the 2019 Accelerator Program.
OncoRes Medical
OncoRes Medical

Improving accuracy in breast cancer surgery

OncoRes Medical is developing an intraoperative imaging technology to provide surgeons with real-time assessment of tissue microstructure. Their technology uses a novel combination of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging and elastography to provide a rapid evaluation of tissue microarchitecture at a scale and resolution comparable to histology.
PPB Technology

Laboratory quality results in minutes

PPB Technology is the CYBERTONGUE® company. They offer lab quality analytical results, on site, in minutes. This will allow customers in the food, ag, environment, health and other sectors to make fast, informed decisions about their products. Their technology is protected by several patent families. Their business model is to be a B2B company that sells physical products, e.g. consumables, with the option to build services upon the physical layer. Their first customers are processors in the dairy supply chain. PPB Technology is currently focussed on engaging customers and raising capital to bring the first test to market.

Quantum Brilliance

Quantum Brilliance – diamond quantum computing

Quantum Brilliance is a quantum computing company developing diamond-based hardware. Quantum computing promises a paradigm-shift in computational power, and is expected to be a defining technology of the 21st century. Their quantum computers are based on atomic-scale defects in a diamond crystal. Diamond’s unique properties free Quantum Brilliance from the cryogenics and ultra-high vacuum systems confining other quantum computing hardware to the lab, enabling novel applications and the widespread distribution of quantum computers. They have the potential to become the world’s dominant quantum computing company.

Seer Medical
Seer Medical
Epilepsy diagnostics made easy
Seer Medical was founded in 2017 to make epilepsy diagnostics and management easy. The Seer team have created a range of new technologies, including a device for measuring brain function and a cloud platform for converting the medical data to clinical insight. The technology is deployed via Seer’s epilepsy diagnostic service. Seer's technology and clinical service solves major problems in healthcare accessibility, by creating scalability through shifting diagnostics from the hospital to the home. Seer now serves patients across Australia and is poised for international expansion.

SmallSat constellations for high value markets

Skykraft is a SmallSat engineering business that has the expertise and mission experience to conceptualise, design, build and operate custom satellite constellations for high value global applications. As a demonstration of the viability of SmallSat constellations, Skykraft identified an Air Traffic Management opportunity and then formed a partnership with Indra, a Spanish multinational company with $5 billion annual revenue, for the delivery of space-based Air Traffic Management services. This application alone represents annual revenue of $400 million per year. With launch and satellite build costs reducing by an order of magnitude, Skykraft is ideally placed to deliver space-based global services into a variety of vertical markets.


Nodal-based spatial computing planning tool

SpaceDraft is a web based virtual studio for pre-production, planning and execution of ideas for immersive and interactive experience design. Current scriptwriting and 3D modelling programs do not work when explaining, pitching and ideating concepts for virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and gaming. SpaceDraft is hardware and language agnostic, designed to help developers and creatives communicate from the same digital shareable canvas. SpaceDraft is Scripting the Future.
tilitier technology
Tiliter Technology

Recognise products without barcodes

Tiliter recognises products without barcodes. With the world’s most accurate and flexible identification system, Tiliter integrates their software into existing business infrastructure removing the manual identification processes that currently exist across multiple industries. With a strong focus on environmental, cultural and social impact Tiliter aims to redefine the way we identify objects to reduce waste, improve people’s experiences and enhance productivity.


Virtual reality for healthcare

Vantari brings to life medical imaging and the human body in Virtual Reality to help doctors be better informed and provide better patient outcomes in healthcare.
Wildlife Drones

Revolutionising the animal tracking industry

Wildlife Drones has developed the world’s most advanced drone radio-tracking technology and is disrupting the animal tracking industry globally. With up to 70% of the world’s animals too small to be tracked using satellite/GPS tags, we are empowering land managers and researchers to gain unprecedented insights into small animal movements, while also saving vast amounts of time, effort and money. Our product service system business model provides recurring revenue from our niche market, and ensures customers always have the latest technology. Our core technology can also add value to a diversity of additional markets including defence, emergency services and agtech.