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abyss solutions
Autonomous inspections and data analytics

We are automating infrastructure and asset inspections, by deploying autonomous aquatic drones and using machine learning to automatically detect faults from the imagery captured by the drones. Our initial focus is waterways, where there is a desperate need for such a technology given the high risk and cost associated with manual inspections. we are currently doing a pilot trail with Sydney Water with the prospect of a $2 million inspection contract at the end.

Presented by: Dr Nasir Ahsan – Co-founder/CEO, abyss Solutions


Dr Nasir Ahsan

Co-founder/CEO, abyss Solutions

Dr Nasir Ahsan has 10 years experience in robotics and data analytics. He is a PhD from ACFR and has worked there as a researcher. He is also passionate about deep water exploration having spent time onboard the Nautilus EV (with Bob Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic) exploring the depths of the Caribbean and pacific ocean.

Nasir’s expertise is in machine learning, which he has applied to benthic habitat mapping, financial forecasting, mining optimisation and many other fields.

Artificial Intelligence Navigation for the Blind
Aipoly allows your mobile device to see and understand the physical world, and cleverly assist you in navigation. Our app, designed for the blind, uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to describe a phone’s camera view out loud with real-time narration, like a personal visual guide. Our technology uses convolutional neural networks, a state of the art deep learning technique, to provide them a new way to see the world. Aipoly is the first company in the world to deliver this technology on mobile phone hardware, greatly reducing the cost of assistive technology. Our navigation systems will also be integrated in Project Tango tablets for uses in retail, education, and robotics adding augmented reality features.

Presented by: Alberto Rizzoli – Co-founder, Aipoly

Alberto Rizzoli

Co-founder, Aipoly

Alberto Rizzoli is an Italian entrepreneur and futurist. Upon completing university he started a company to bring 3D printing into classrooms, empowering children aged 8-14 to lead and create small engineering projects. After successfully expanding distribution internationally, he started a publishing company focused on fast-paced and low-cost paperback publishing reducing time and monetary commitment necessary by 4/5th compared to traditional houses. He then co-authored published “The Future of Business” a 500 page book collecting the work of 60 futurists from 21 countries on the exponential evolution of modern industries.
Alberto then co-founded Aipoly while at Singularity University, a computer vision startup allowing smartphone cameras to become narrators of what they see in real time to assist the blind, and tablets becoming a portal to augmented reality navigation experiences allowing you to search objects in the physical world.

Privacy preserving analytics for unit-level data

We are Data Privacy and Security specialists with a vision to achieve two seemingly contradictory results:

• improve the protection of everyone’s personal and sensitive data, worldwide; and

• improve accessibility, completeness and quality of data for analytical purposes.

Our cloud based technology offers a new approach to data anonymisation by producing synthetic data sets that cannot be re-identified. We preserve the statistical properties of the original data for analytical purposes, while removing the risk of privacy breach. Our approach can eliminate costly administrative processes for private data sharing, and enable high quality analytical results in a range of industries.


Presented by: Ruth Marshall – Commercial Lead/CEO, Anonalytix


Ruth Marshall

Commercial Lead/CEO, Anonalytix

Ruth Marshall has startup, management and commercial software development expertise. She was Global VP Engineering for Elanti Systems Inc. a US startup which developed Telco network optimization and visualisation software, where she ran Engineering groups in Sydney, Melbourne and New Jersey. She was also Managing Director of the Australian subsidiary ES Labs. Before that Ruth was Director of Operations for a telecommunications network provisioning software company. She also worked as IT Strategy and Architecture Head in an Australian retail organization and as a Senior Manager in an international management consultancy.

See every atom, design breakthrough materials
Human DNA sequencing originally cost $3 billion. Over $500 billion revenue has been generated. Does a similar financial incentive and solution exist for inorganic materials, like steel or silicon? Absolutely. Advanced materials is a $3.5 trillion market. The challenge is that a material’s ‘DNA’ is encoded by it’s individual atoms – 20x smaller than human DNA. Atomnaut has developed the first microscope to image a material’s DNA – 3D position & element identity of every atom. A 100x improvement. Atomnaut designs patentable materials and manufacturing processes. Licensing patents to customers increases performance of their products and reduces costs of R&D.


Presented by: Peter Liddicoat – CEO, Atomnaut


Peter Liddicoat

CEO, Atomnaut

Peter Liddicoat is an award winning research engineer and technologist. He’s worked for Defence Materiel Organisation and has lead a research group at The University of Sydney. His present interest is in sequencing the DNA of inorganic materials and using this data to improve properties. In 2010, he published a paper presenting the world’s strongest Al alloy. When not in the lab, Peter is likely found playing ultimate frisbee.

City Beach Software
Set your products free!

City Beach Software was founded in 2012 after seeing the integration challenges that retailers faced when trying to broaden their online markets, from Dr Logan’s experience as Global Head of Development for and prior to this as Technology Director at Fairfax Digital. City Beach Software developed the unique Omnivore platform and has invested in research and development to evolve the product to enable scalability and stability for online retailers. They help retailers connect quickly and seamlessly to new channels, funded by organic growth from their foundation customers integrating onto large online market places including eBay, Google and


Presented by: Ivan Logan – Founder/Director, City Beach Software


Ivan Logan

Founder/Director, City Beach Software

Dr Ivan Logan is the Founder and Director of City Beach Software. Ivan is a Sydney-based IT Executive with 15 years of commercial e-commerce experience gained in Technology Director positions at Westfield and Fairfax Digital. He is an entrepreneur who has combined his advanced technical skills with the real world market needs of retailers to enable them to succeed in online retail.

Eleos Technologies
Delivering advanced enterprise knowledge management solutions

Eleos Technologies is a Victorian company developing world-beating knowledge management and big data solutions. Formed in 2013, Eleos is developing novel and non-traditional ways of managing data and metadata, enabling a range of knowledge assets, including web and intranet content, HR records, data and other resources to be identified, sorted and updated quickly and effectively. Eleos’ first commercialised product is an Enhanced Metadata Management Application (EMMA) for global enterprise and government customers. The EMMA platform represents a step change in capability over existing solutions, providing significantly more capability over a wider range of applications.


Presented by: Christopher Kirk – Director, Eleos Technologies


Christopher Kirk

Director, Eleos Technologies

Christopher Kirk has more than 30 years’ experience in technology related fields and 15 years in senior management positions with major multinational corporations including Eastman Kodak. Chris is an is an Honorary Research Fellow at the eScholarship Research Centre at the University of Melbourne, a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the IEEE Technical Committee on Data Engineering, the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and the ACM Special Interest Group on the Management of Data (SIGMOD).

Data Has A Better Idea
Hivery helps companies grow their profit line. We do this by building prescriptive analytics tools to solve individual business problems in ways that humans cannot. Our first solution to market, Vending Analytics, is a simple-to-use cloud-based vending intelligence software. Sitting on top of existing vending management systems, the software generates recommendations on how to optimize individual vending machines to maximize sales and minimize stock-outs. It is currently deployed by Coca-Cola Amatil across its entire vending fleet

Presented by: Jason Hosking – Co-founder & CEO, HIVERY


Jason Hosking

Co-founder & CEO, HIVERY

Jason Hosking is Co-founder and CEO of HIVERY. He drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth as they build solutions that transform the way businesses use data to grow their profit line. Jason has a wealth of experience from working with multinationals to start-ups. His passion for innovation was sparked as a 12-year-old travelling the world with camera crews for shows like Beyond 2000 and Discovery Channel’s Invention. In 2013, Jason was selected as a founding member of Coca-Cola’s first global Accelerator, a network of entrepreneurs building the next generation of billion dollar businesses with Coca-Cola’s support. Jason has also held senior strategic advisory roles with Accenture and Macquarie Group – where he relocated to New York to establish their North American office. He has also worked in a VC and helped Rocket Internet launch in Australia. Jason holds a MBA from University of Technology, Sydney.

Liquid Instruments
Test and measurement, reimagined
Liquid Instruments makes a new breed of test and measurement devices that will help scientists and engineers to acquire data and run their experiments. The devices combine reconfigurable hardware, advanced digital signal processing and a breakthrough iPad user interface. Liquid Instruments was formed to commercialise advanced digital signal processing developed at the Australian National University over the last 15 years.


Presented by: Daniel Shaddock – CEO, Liquid instruments


Daniel Shaddock

CEO, Liquid instruments

Daniel Shaddock earned his PhD in Physics from Australian National University in 2001. He spent the next 10 years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory developing technology for the LISA mission to detect gravitational waves. He led Australia’s involvement in the GRACE Follow-on project, a joint US German mission that uses satellite measurements of gravity to monitor changes in the Earth’s ground water and the distribution of polar ice. Professor Shaddock co-founded Liquid Instruments with students and post-docs from the Australian National University in 2014.

The world’s most powerful travel platform
Melbourne-based technology company, Locomote, is one of Australia’s fastest growing tech businesses. A global corporation, Locomote empowers companies to manage every aspect of their business travel – including bookings, duty of care, authorisation, budgets and expenses – from any device anywhere in the world. Since the product launch in 2014, Locomote has transformed corporate travel for companies like ANZ, Allen & Overy and Medibank.


Presented by: Ross Fastuca – CIO/Co-founder, Locomote


Ross Fastuca

CIO/Co-founder, Locomote

Ross Fastuca is a technology expert and passionate problem solver. As CIO and Co-founder of Locomote, he is the architect of the company’s products, directing Locomote’s technical strategy to revolutionise business travel. In 2014, Locomote developed a concept to transform the way organisations manage their travel. Ross’s keen eye for edgy innovations and his eagerness to constantly improve every aspect of Locomote has helped the tech travel company grow at a global level. Ross leads the companies technology strategy and development, where his enthusiasm lies in creating technical solutions that make business travel easier and more efficient. With a focus on solving complex problems with simple solutions, Ross has lead Locomote’s technology, ensuring every goal is achieved and boundaries are pushed. Ross has won and been short-listed to technology awards such as SmartCompany Awards 2014 and ACTE 3 Under 33 Nomination.

Me3D Pty Ltd
Australian 3D-printers designed to educate
Me3D design and manufacture affordable 3D Printing equipment to meet the needs of Australian education, from students to professionals. We were founded as a company in late 2013 in the engineering hub of Wollongong, New South Wales. The three co-founders, Matt Connelly, Fletcher Thompson and Leanne Connelly, brought with them an experienced mix of design, engineering and economic backgrounds. Backed by our close ties to the University of Wollongong, the iAccelerate programme and funded through ongoing sales, we are moving quickly from selling 20 printers a month to 200 and establishing an exceptional reputation for customer service in the market.


Presented by: Leanne Connelly – Founder, Me3D


Leanne Connelly

Founder, Me3D

Leanne Connelly is an Economist with 10 years’ experience working in business analysis, business improvement and project management in Australia and abroad. Leanne co-founded Me3D with two UoW engineering alumni with the goal of bringing practical additive manufacturing into the 21st century classroom. Leanne manages the supply chain, procurement and finance arms of the business and is central to the design and delivery of the long term vision, partnerships and strategic direction of Me3D. She recently won the iAccelerate pitch competition.

Fitbit for Industrial Machines
We are an industrial IOT solutions business for heavy asset industries. Our first solution, SmartWagon is an industrial sensor and cloud solution that detects track failures to reduce derailment risk. IdleAlert is our second solution to reduce idling locomotives. SmartWagon is actively running on coal trains in Queensland. IdleAlert will be running within a month. Finally we are developing a Fitbit for Industrial Equipment called FitMachine. This custom sensor, cloud and analytics solution is designed to provide visibility, utilisation and condition health of industrial equipment.


Presented by: Brad Parsons – Founder, MOVUS


Brad Parsons

Founder, MOVUS

Brad Parsons has worked in regional and global technology roles for over 20 years. Brad has held technology leadership roles for Aurizon, Queensland Rail, Flight Centre and Multiplex. Over the last five years he has run large consulting teams and has developed automation blueprints for BHP and Aurizon. In January 2015 he established MOVUS an Industrial IOT solutions business and is looking to apply the learnings from his consulting work. His immediate focus is rail where MOVUS has already created two innovative solutions that combine sensors, cloud and analytics.

Nano-X Pty Ltd
Lean Innovation Transforming Global Access to Radiotherapy
Nano-X Pty Ltd is a startup medical device company building small footprint and affordable radiotherapy machines for treating cancer. These machines will completely disrupt the radiation oncology industry and the way treatment is delivered. Our vision is to provide a safe, appropriate, affordable and sustainable solution for global accessibility of cancer treatment by using lean innovation and by moving the complexities of the system from hardware to software. Nano-X Pty Ltd is a portfolio company of ATP Innovations, Australia’s most successful technology business incubator.


Presented by: Ilana Feain – Managing Director, Nano-X


Ilana Feain

Managing Director, Nano-X

Dr Ilana Feain is a Medical Physicist, a former CSIRO Astrophysicist, and the Managing Director of Nano-X Pty Ltd – a medical device startup building small footprint and affordable radiotherapy machines for treating cancer. Ilana’s expertise is in novel instrumentation and signal processing. She is also a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Medicine at The University of Sydney, and was the In’Augural recipient of the L’Oreal Australia For Women in Science Fellowship.

One Atmosphere
Innovation, Safety, Performance: For Challenging Environments
One Atmosphere was founded in 2009 with the specific purpose of commercialising innovative technology into the Defence and Industry sectors. Over this short period, One Atmosphere has secured funding from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to advance One Atmosphere’s foremost innovation, the Pegasus Aircraft post-crash emergency buoyancy System, for helicopters. The company has received many industry awards and has been successful in securing grant funding from Australia’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to commercialise Pegasus into the international Defence and Civil Aviation Industries.


Presented by: Tim Lyons – Founder, One Atmosphere


Tim Lyons

Founder, One Atmosphere

Tim Lyons is the founder of One Atmosphere and the inventor of Pegasus. He started One Atmosphere following 10 years in the ADF where he specialised as a Clearance Diving Officer. Tim was involved in many specialist activities including explosives, pyrotechnics, breath hold free diving (as a Submarine Escape Instructor) and Submarine Rescue. Tim’s underwater experience, fascination with energetic materials and passion for safety combined to produce a number of innovative solutions for challenging environments. Tim was awarded the prestigious National Eureka Science Prize in 2014 for Outstanding Science in safeguarding Australia.

Parent Paperwork
We replace paper forms in schools
Our mission is to replace paper forms in schools around the world. We help schools capture, manage and report data from across their enterprise to improve productivity and efficiency, and deliver a better experience for parents and staff. Schools save significant cost and time by moving their parent permission and other paper forms to our online system. Parents love it too, on average almost 60% of parents return their online forms within 24 hours, a rate far superior to traditional processes. ParentPaperwork is fast, secure and reduces risk for schools, plus integrates to their existing management databases.


Presented by: Fiona Boyd – Founder, Parent Paperwork


Fiona Boyd

Founder, Parent Paperwork

Fiona Boyd is a former teacher and musician. She worked for ABC Radio in 1990s, managing projects such as the launch of Triple J in Cairns, and hosting the ABC’s live national Christmas Day program two years in a row. Together with David Eedle she founded and led the online arts business network Artshub then managed the sale of the company to private investors in 2006. The exit led Fiona and David to be featured in the book “50 Great eBusinesses and the Minds Behind Them” (Random House, 2007). Fiona is a long time runner, and completed her first 50km ultra marathon in late 2013. She ran the full 42km Melbourne Marathon in October 2014.

A connected world of digital pathology
For pathologists, Pathobin provides solutions for digitising surgical specimens and microscope slides. Pathobin is designed and tested by pathologists for pathologists. Our pathology digitisation methods capture high quality, low cost virtual specimens for advanced diagnosis and image analysis.


Presented by: Shane Battye – CEO, Pathobin


Shane Battye

CEO, Pathobin

Shane Battye trained in histopathology at the Austin, Box Hill and Peter MacCallum Cancer Hospitals after graduating from the University of Melbourne. Shane joined TissuPath as a specialist pathologist in 2013 and co-founded the digital pathology hub, Pathobin. His major diagnostic interests include urological and gastrointestinal pathology. Outside of clinical work he has a passion for computer science and has been busy exploring new avenues of digital and virtual pathology. He has prototyped and patented an innovative method of slide digitisation using smartphone, robotics and 3D printed technology and lately has been developing an automated structure from motion photogrammetry system for use in 3D scanning of pathology specimens.

Pooled Energy
Internet of Things for Swimming Pools

Pooled Energy brings Internet of Things to residential swimming pools via a service bundling household electricity, equipment upgrades, pool management, chemicals and equipment maintenance and multiple unique technologies.

We remotely monitor and manage water chemistry in real time and control all pool equipment to ensure water quality is better, healthier and always maintained, while substantially reducing energy and chemical consumption.

Swimming pools typically account for 30% of the electricity use in their associated homes and the 1.2 million pools in Australia are a huge consumer of electricity. As a licensed electricity retailer we will also use grouped swimming pools to provide Grid stabilisation services.


Presented by: John Riedl – CEO, Pooled Energy


John Riedl

CEO, Pooled Energy

John Riedl’s history includes; being a High-tech CEO for over 30 years in telecoms, IT, process control, micro-electronics, manufacturing, venture capital and Defence:- Jtec, Techniche, AWA, Honeywell, Dept. of Defence, Signav, Kingfoil, Game Changer Ventures. Previously technology adviser to the Prime Minister and the Premier of NSW. Multiple high-tech and University Boards. Multiple start-ups.

Propeller Aerobotics
Drone Data Platform. Analytics, Big Data
Propeller’s is creating a globally recognised platform that is the standard for usage and analysis of the new types of aerial data now easily available thanks to drones – and in the process, significantly changing the way sites are measured, managed and inspected. The two lines of the product target a) aerial surveying and b) asset inspections, giving users the data and tools all in the browser.


Presented by: Rory San Miguel – Co-CEO/Co-founder, Propeller Aerobotics


Rory San Miguel

Co-CEO/Co-founder, Propeller Aerobotics

Rory San Miguel previously co-founded a wildly successful university robotics club while studying Mechatronics Engineering selling, building and teaching all things drone to students. He has held a variety of electronics and embedded systems roles, but enjoys running teams and interacting with people most of all.

Revolutionising energy storage via reused batteries
Rechargeable batteries power laptops, electric cars, and a breadth of other portable items. However, after only a few years of use, they are discarded. This is insane, because most of these old batteries still have the majority of their life remaining. At the same time, the demand for batteries in many less critical applications like household solar storage has seen dramatic increases. Relectrify is commercialising technology that is able to turn these old batteries into highly capable and affordable energy storage. The effect is that we turn e-waste liability into a renewable energy storage asset.


Presented by: Valentin Muenzel – CEO/Co-founder, Relectrify


Valentin Muenzel

CEO/Co-founder, Relectrify

Valentin Muenzel’s passion for the potential of energy storage was kickstarted in 2009 during a test drive of a Tesla Roadster. He has since worked on cutting-edge battery technology projects with BMW, PennState University, IBM Research, and as a PhD student at the University of Melbourne. Building on the deep insight into batteries and associated value propositions, Valentin and his business partner Daniel co-founded Relectrify. The company, now a team of five, has developed innovative, patented technology that enables old batteries from laptops or electric cars to be used for solar energy storage.

Respiratory Innovations Pty Ltd
Empowering Patients to Improve Cancer Treatment
Respiratory Innovations is an Australian investment-backed medical device company, developing Breathe Well: a class 1 medical device that uses optical and infrared sensors to record, analyse and display a measure of breathing function, plus audio-visual guidance instructions, for patients undergoing movement-sensitive medical procedures. Breathe Well’s primary applications are in lung, breast and liver cancer therapies, where the irregular motion of breathing once corrected using this technology improves the accuracy and efficacy of treatment, improves patient quality of life, and reduces the incidence of medical complications saving patients and health-care systems millions of dollars annually in potentially avoidable costs.


Presented by: Daniel Zafir – Managing Director, Respiratory Innovations


Daniel Zafir

Managing Director, Respiratory Innovations

Leading Respiratory Innovations as Managing Director, Daniel Zafir is an experienced technology entrepreneur with past and present enterprises backed by Australia’s leading venture capital and angel investors and supported by initiatives including Commercialisation Australia, and the NSW Innovation Grants program. Prior to running technology ventures, Daniel was a Clinical Neuroscientist at Gold Coast University Hospital where he coordinated the Neurophysiology departments for the Gold Coast Health Services District’s three hospitals. He has a Master of Commerce from UNSW Australia with a major in Finance, and a First Class Honours degree in Neuroanatomy from the University of Sydney.

Sleep Better. Drive Safer
RestAlert uses information from wearable technology to passively analyse sleep data and pre-emptively informs individuals when they are likely to be at risk of fatigue impairment. It provides personalised alerts if they have reached dangerous levels of fatigue, and what individuals can do to improve their sleep patterns enabling them to reduce their risk of fatigue related accidents. RestAlert also lets organisations know if their workforce is fatigued, when they are most commonly fatigued and what type of fatigue they are experiencing enabling the efficient implementation of risk management strategies to protect both employer and employee.


Presented by: Felicity Millman – Founder, RestAlert


Felicity Millman

Founder, RestAlert

Felicity Millman has worked as a psychologist for over ten years while she also completed a PhD in psychology and genetics. She has researched an array of areas from neurodevelopmental disorders to animal immunogenetics. Felicity has also taught tertiary-level psychology, worked in private practice and held a position as the research psychologist for a specialist child and adolescent mental health service.
Felicity was a 2014 graduate of the Founder Institute during which time she combined her lifelong passion for technology with her knowledge of psychology to create RestAlert. RestAlert uses wearable technology to analyse fatigue in the transport industry. It provides personalised feedback to the user via SMS alerts as well as a data dashboard to the relevant organisation. In the same year, Felicity won a place in the inaugural RAC ‘SeedSpark’ technology accelerator. In 2015 RestAlert continued to grow and was awarded a place in the inaugural Amcom Upstart technology accelerator program allowing the company to further expand its market share.

Outside of her work, Felicity is a passionate rock-climber and scuba diver and on weekends can generally be found out on the water, hunting for new dive spots or climbing the local quarries and sea-cliffs. Felicity is also an active member in the Australian Obstacle Course Racing League; she took 2nd place in the 2014 Western Australian women’s division for both the endurance and short-course racing and was also ranked in the top 20 female athletes across Australia.

SMG Technologies Pty Ltd
Spearheading data revolution in predictive analytics
SMG Technologies offers proprietary software products that employ bleeding edge analytics to aggregate data from hundreds of different sources. Our company offers services for any organisation or individual seeking to get an edge in training, performance, health and wellness across a range of industries. SMG products have the power to seamlessly collect disparate data sets, analyse according to defined formulas, return insights and predictions of patterns in behaviours from a range of variables. All products gather any data set onto one platform and all results and insights powered by the built-in predictive analytics engine, not in addition to the solution.


Presented by: Zane Hall – CEO, SMG Technologies


Zane Hall

CEO, SMG Technologies

Since 2000 Zane Hall has set up and successfully grown a number of start-ups bringing new technologies to market. Zane further has a proven track record of delivering success in multinational corporations including Apple Computers in New Zealand where he was General Manager. Zane is chief executive at SMG Technologies and is responsible for every aspect of the company’s operation and performance. He started the company in 2010 with the acquisition of a technology platform used by the New Zealand Rugby Union to manage player performance and injury rehabilitation. Since then, the company has grown globally, offering a suite of products.

Sports Performance Tracking
Sports analytics package for amateur atheletes
SPT is a GPS unit and software application for semi-elite / amateur sporting people around the world. The ability for consumers to turn the subjective into objective using Sports Science and Big Data. Using Metrics and algorithms developed by the smartest minds in sport, amateurs now have access to technology that has developed and educated the Elite’s for many years.This information has changed how top-end sports are played and how athletes train. Its all now accessible and understandable at the consumer level. We are Gamifying and Socialising on-field and training performances for contact sports.


Presented by: William Strange – CEO/Founder, Sports Tracking Performance


William Strange

CEO/Founder, Sports Tracking Performance

William Strange is the Founder and CEO of Sports Performance Tracking. Will founded SPT with the vision of creating a social and gamified software platform for athletes to be able to track themselves during contact activity. Will used his knowledge and understanding of the problem, to provide and develop a product that would work for him. After launching the product in 2015, SPT has already attracted a large amount of investment and is currently selling into 23 countries on 6 continents.

We simplify solar and batteries
Rooftop solar electricity and battery storage is transforming the way we think about electricity supply. However it is complex and new technologies mean that homeowners, businesses, solar installers, and utilities are struggling to keep up. SwitchDin simplifies the solar ecology by being the trusted data integration platform for the monitoring and control of most solar and battery systems. Our plug-and-play cloud connectivity enables smart monitoring and predictive control for individuals or across fleets of systems to optimise performance and cut costs minute to minute.


Presented by: Andrew Mears – CEO, SwitchDin


Andrew Mears

CEO, SwitchDin

Dr Andrew Mears is an engineer and innovator with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of renewable energy and commercialisation covering Asia & Pacific, Africa and Australia. He has delivered more than 40 major assignments in 18 countries with various agencies involving more than USD$200million in programme funds. Dr Mears first start-up in satellite communications in 1990 led to further work at the leading edge of control systems R&D and commercialisation. This included fabrication systems for advanced solar photovoltaic thin films and development of optical sensors for biomedical applications. Driven by his interests in decentralised energy services, Dr Mears established a significant portfolio of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects involving various multi-lateral clients including World Bank and United Nations. Subsequently, he joined the United Nations first as their Chief Technical Advisor on renewable energy in Southern Africa and then for Climate Change in SE Asia. Dr Mears has developed policy and programmes and provided electricity market development support affecting the lives of millions of people. In 2013 he founded SwitchDin to develop virtual power management solutions for renewable energy and battery storage for developed and emerging markets. Dr Mears is a recipient of the 2011 Newcastle University Alumni award for International Leadership and is co-founder of the Newcastle-based clean tech and smart city co-working space Eighteen04.