Tech23 2015 has been held annually for six years. Over this time it has established itself as the unmissable celebration of Australian innovation

Tech23 2015 will bring together the ecosystem – investors, entrepreneurs and innovators from across Australian enterprise, government and industry sectors. It will showcase 23 world-class startups with high growth potential, technical expertise who are tackling big problems.

Tech23 2015 will accelerate partnership opportunities between the people and organisations that matter. Tech23 has had the good fortune to be involved with some wonderful people and great companies early on in their journeys such as Marita Cheng, who is working on a robotic arm with the support of the Melbourne Accelerator Program at the University of Melbourne; Dr Dror Ben Naim whose research at UNSW resulted in the development of Smart Sparrow’s adaptive eLearning platform, and CSIRO’s BuildingIQ technology which was recognised by Mike Zimmerman for its potential to optimise energy use in commercial buildings. All these companies, plus so many others epitomise what Tech23 celebrates – Australian innovation!

  • Tech23-2015-Collage-2013-Marita
  • Tech23-2015-Collage-2012-Dror
  • Michael Zimmerman
  • Tech23 2015 will be dedicated to improving the communication and coordination among the key stakeholders – across enterprise, university, industry and startups.
  • Tech23 2015 will showcase the best examples of university/industry collaboration.
  • Universities will showcase their research commercialisation/accelerator programs on Innovation Island.
  • Tech23 2015 will assist all attendees to gain a better understanding of their role and the role their organisation should take in making Australia an innovation powerhouse.
  • Tech23 2015 will try and demonstrate the end-to-end innovation process; help all stakeholders collaborate better by exploring the specific cultures and drivers of each stakeholder.
  • Tech23 2015 will provide corporates with the opportunity to meet and network with innovative, high-growth companies and the commercialisation/accelerators of R&D organisations.
  • Tech23 2015 will concentrate on the ideas, people and companies that will make Australia great.

The format includes a stellar line up of speakers, 23 of the very best Australian startups, an influential lineup of Tech23 alumni, university-based research commercialisation/accelerator programs and plenty more!

Tech23 will be held on on Tuesday 17 November 2015 followed by networking and awards. Join us for an unforgettable experience, celebrating Australian innovation, and be part of the story.