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121cast Logo


Personalised audio stream to increase productivity
121cast is building Omny, a personal radio app that delivers a custom audio feed made up of your news, calendar, weather, social network updates, music and podcasts. This personal radio station allows users to save time, be kept up-to-date and entertained as they consume information during those times a screen isn’t easily accessible, such as getting ready in the morning, driving to work, or walking.

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2Mar Robotics Logo

2Mar Robotics

Robotic arm for people in wheelchairs
2Mar designs and manufactures a voice and iPhone controlled robot arm for people with spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, cerebral palsy and Parkinson's. It can be mounted onto the wheelchair, bedside table, kitchen, or bathroom. We interviewed the end-user before we even began this project, so the project is entirely driven by what is useful to the end-user. Our partners include the Victorian Spinal Cord Injuries Unit, Austin Hospital, Australian Quadriplegics Association, Spinal Cord Injuries Association, and Paraquad South Australia. 2Mar was founded by 2012 Young Australian of the Year, Marita Cheng, in April 2013.

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Breezedocs Logo


Automated document processing in the cloud
Breezedocs is a cloud-based platform that automatically processes documents. The artificially intelligent system uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) combined with natural language processing (NLP) to read and understand text from scanned documents or images. It is able to identify and re-label different documents for simple and consistent filing, as well as extract text to automatically fill out forms and databases. Breezedocs streamlines business processes and solves one of the largest pain points for document intensive verticals such as financial services, accounting and legal.

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BuyReply Logo


Sell from any medium without apps
BuyReply is a new eCommerce platform that enables transactional advertising. Brands and retailers can use the platform to drive instant sales by enabling consumers to buy anything from any medium without requiring an app download making it possible for marketers to capture the purchase intent of consumers directly from the ad unit itself in the form of a transaction. Consumers can instantly buy directly from television, print, outdoor, catalogues and radio by sending a text, email or tweet. By enabling commerce without apps, marketers can unlock transactions from 100% of an audience.

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Edisse Logo


Peace of mind in a watch
The Edisse watch is an automatic panic button in the form factor of a watch for the elderly with fall detection, location tracking and data analytics. A quick scenario illustrates this: John, an elderly man, is walking in the park when he accidentally falls. The Edisse watch detects this and automatically sends out a notification to the nominated carer with the location, meaning John can get help quickly.

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Ennova Logo


Construction project delivery and collaboration platform
Ennova developed Envision to improve the productivity of large scale construction and maintenance projects. Envision is a cloud-based project delivery and collaboration system that helps increase field productivity, reduce administration costs and improve the management of scope and commercial changes. Designed around the principles of Lean Construction, Envision replaces traditional siloed and disconnected work practices by creating a transparent and highly collaborative environment. Envision is being rapidly adopted and is now being actively used by some of Australia's largest construction contractors on projects for the resources, transport and power industries.

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Food Orbit Logo

Food Orbit

Marketplace connecting local farmers and chefs
Food Orbit is changing the food system. We enable wholesale buyers of food, such as chefs and restaurateurs to connect and trade directly with local farmers and producers online. We're shortening the supply chain and cutting out the middleman to ensure farmers' get a fair price. We're giving local farmers a place for them to tell their story, about their farm and farming practices, list their inventory and promote their business online in a highly visual and searchable format to allow buyers to easily search by produce, by location and by farm before placing one order from multiple farms.

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Geepers Logo


User shortnames for Geo-physical locations
Geepers is empowering navigation in the modern world by allowing individuals and businesses to create user shortnames for all of our physical locations. Similar to web addresses, Geep's are simply a friendly interface between humans and a long set of numbers that equate to an exact GPS point. Individual users can create locations such as .home or .work or even a .fish for their favourite fishing spot. Businesses can differentiate between an office entrance and a warehouse door, making it easier for visitors and couriers to go to the correct point of entry. A .Delivery address navigates the gift you bought online to where ever you may be!

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HSK Instruments Logo

HSK Instruments

Revolutionising Respiratory Physiotherapy for Kids Worldwide
HSK Instruments is a Brisbane based startup working towards making the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis in children more manageable for clinicians, parents and the children themselves. This has been achieved by working closely with clinicians and cystic fibrosis sufferers at the Mater Children's Hospital and with leading researchers at the University of Queensland. This result of this work has been the Pepster system to assist in the performance of daily physiotherapy exercises. While this technology has been developed with a focus on Cystic Fibrosis, there is also further application in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Pre/Post-Operative care.

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Instrument Works Logo

Instrument Works

Internet of Things for laboratories
Instrument Works is developing a platform for wireless sensors for portable laboratory instruments. By embedding Bluetooth smart technology into analytical probes such as those for the measurement of pH, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and turbidity, we are able to connect these sensors directly to smart devices such as iPhones, iPods and iPads. This allows us to leverage these devices superior computational and graphical capabilities, including location and internet connectivity, compared to the existing proprietary products on the market. The lower cost of these smart devices compared to regular analytical style instruments will also benefit users.

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Intersective Logo


Connecting and enabling experiential learning communities
Intersective enables educators, employers and students to form and manage work integrated learning communities. We deliver online tools, products and services to help enable high quality work integrated learning at scale - from single internships to massive student competitions. We want to be the worlds hub for experiential learning. To date, we have developed and deployed a 'prototype' learning management system which supports the distinctive requirements of WIL for corporates, students and Universities. We have been developing and iterating this system in WIL programs with nearly 1000 students over the past 18 months, and demanding top tier corporate and University clients.

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Kounta Logo


Cloud based point of sale
Kounta is an extremely flexible and scalable online Point of Sale POS Software System. Quick to get started, Kounta is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run your business. Kounta can be securely accessed on anything, anywhere anytime across a range of channels including in-store, online and mobile, while also easily integrating with a variety of web technology platforms such as Xero, Sassu, Beat the Q and Deputy. Kounta also seamlessly accepts PayPal as a payment method across their platform, to deliver a faster, safer and more interactive shopping experience for both merchants and their customers around the world.

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Liquid State Logo

Liquid State

Gutenberg for the digital age
Liquid State is the quickest and easiest cloud-based, multi-platform digital publishing system. Use Liquid State to go from a print document to a tablet app in just five clicks. Unlike other systems, pages only have to be laid out once, and they seamlessly adapt to any screen size or orientation. The system is easy to use and doesn't require any special software or coding experience. Publishers, authors, and corporate communications teams use Liquid State to keep their production costs low and their audience engagement high.

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My Myk Logo

My Myk

Innovative audio solutions for DSLR filmmakers
Inaugurated in August 2011, My Myk is a company that designs, manufactures and markets unique and innovative audio solutions for the fast growing DSLR camera market, the HD video market and the recording of broadcast quality audio using Smartphones and Tablets. The Smartmyk microphone, the Smartlynk Audio Workstation, Smartmyk Windshield and the My Myk Camera Audio App combine to form a compact, low-profile, efficient and complete audio system for DSLR filmmaking. The combination of the Smartmyk microphone, My Myk Connector cable and the My Myk Recording App is a high quality reporting system utilising Smartphones and Tablets.

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Nanonouvelle Logo


Ground breaking high performance battery materials
Nano-Nouvelle has developed patent pending technology called 'Nano-E', a 3-D nanostructured electrode material which can greatly improve battery performance in terms of power output, lifetime, energy at high power and voltage profile. The technology can serve multiple applications in the battery sector, from mobile phones and laptops to hybrid vehicles and electricity grid management. We have several international collaborations in place including two of the world's largest battery suppliers. We are currently scaling our core processes to a small manufacturing scale and have recently won a Clean Technology Innovation Grant. Our clients' markets are in the $bn range per sector.

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ollo mobile Logo

ollo mobile

ollo keeps kids and seniors safe
ollo mobile is a startup that aims to improve quality of life for seniors and lower healthcare costs, by improving the way families communicate. The ollo 'Cloudphone' is a tiny, voice controlled, cellular phone, completely integrated with a cloud software platform. A single button keeps usability simple, whilst the platform manages telephony and captures powerful lifestyle analytics.

Recent accolades include comments from Robert Scoble "a damn impressive company that might save your life" and Ruslan Kogan "I love the use of tech, I could sell heaps of these".

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Open Learning Global Logo

Open Learning Global

Student centred online learning platform
OpenLearning is an online learning platform that is based around the principles of student autonomy, diversity of learning materials, open-ness of resources and social interactivity. It's flexible, easy to setup and allows anyone to run a course. OpenLearning supports student grading, automatically marked quizzes/tests and content distribution all based around a proprietary OpenLearning wiki and comment system, which includes subtle features to keep students motivated. This cloud hosted, software-as-a-service solution is designed for large public courses (MOOCs), school / college / university courses and corporate training.

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Roomz Logo


Share a home. Simply and safely.
Roomz makes sharing a home simple and safe - taking care of everything from finding the right person to live with, to creating a legal contract and automating peer-to-peer rent payments.

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SABRE Autonomous Solutions Logo

SABRE Autonomous Solutions

World's first autonomous grit blasting robot
SABRE Autonomous Solutions is a new University of Technology Sydney spin-out company formed to commercialise the world’s first autonomous grit blasting robotic system. The technology is the result of 6 years of collaborative research and development between the UTS, and the New South Wales Roads & Maritime Services, culminating in the installation of two fully operational autonomous grit blasting robots on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We are developing a series of industry changing products, all aimed at reducing health and safety risks, increasing productivity and improving quality in the abrasive blasting industry.

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See-Out Logo


Visual search engine for trademarks
See-out's SeekTM is a visual search engine for trademarks. Currently, trademark searching is done using text descriptors. However many logos which may have a common or abstract shape are difficult to describe. There are so many potential text descriptors to use that matching results can be easily missed. SeekTM uses image recognition to remove the need for ambiguous text descriptors to make searching easier, faster, cheaper, and more accurate. It is gaining traction with IP professionals and design professionals in Australia and will shortly expand overseas.

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SimplyShow.me Logo


Private and secure enterprise video messaging
SimplyShow.me (SSM) is a private and secure, web and mobile, video messaging service allowing professionals to share their experience and expertise with their clients and co-workers. SSM allows professionals to have full control over who receives their content and this allows them to protect their intellectual property, and monetize their skills and expertise. SSM is currently servicing the health and fitness, financial services, and corporate training sectors. As an example we are currently working with the Australian Diabetes Council to allow them to deliver video based health, training and lifestyle advice to their almost 200,000 members.

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SkyTree Logo


Reconnecting people with their food
SkyTree is a green start-up working to become the global leader in hydroponic food production through technology. Each SkyTree requires just a fraction of the power, water, and nutrients of conventional systems and allows users to easily grow their own food at home. With wireless connectivity SkyTree is easy to monitor and adjustable remotely from a smart-phone.

Our mission is to improve the quality of our food and the way we get it, whilst reducing our environmental and social footprint. SkyTree is also a third world solution targeting a one for one donation to help feed the world's hungriest people.

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Xped Corporation Logo

Xped Corporation

Launching the world's first device browser.
Xped has developed the world's first device browser. As the web browser allows you to interact with any web site, Xped's breakthrough device browser enables you to interact with any suitably equipped device. Simply tap a smartphone or smart remote to the device and it becomes instantly controllable. A system backed by ten patent applications, covering an entire ecosystem of products, networks and services, all working harmoniously together as one, is about to hit the market and is set to forge the next generation of products and services for the smart home and the Internet of things.

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