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Success doesn't happen overnight! That’s why Tech23 is such an important step in the journey for many startups. What is needed to help a high potential tech company move forward? It could be meeting a key customer, potential investor, star advisor, joining an incubator, or getting an inroad into an overseas market. Thanks to a great list of sponsors and prize-givers, Tech23 can help startups with these important steps in making great things happen!


Tech23 Trophy Photo
Tech23 2014 Innovation Excellence Award
Tech23 Trophy Photo
Tech23 2014 Greatest Potential Award
Tech23 Trophy Photo
Tech23 2014 People's Choice Award
Amazon Web Services Logo
Amazon Web Services Award
As part of AWS's commitment to the startup industry, all finalists will gain access to the AWS Activate startup program. The awards range from $1k to $5k per company to a total value of $25k.
ATP Innovations Logo
ATP Innovations Silicon Valley Explorer Award
Return flights to San Francisco and 5 nights accommodation! Plus hosted meetings with potential customers and investors for this lucky winner!
Bendigo Bank Logo
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Connecting Communities Award
$2.5k cash prize awarded to a company that utilises technology to facilitate community engagement and connectivity that drives sustainable outcomes.
Citrix Logo
Citrix Best Early Stage Company Award
A 2 hour consultation with Citrix’s global start-up accelerator.
Fishburners Logo
The Fishburners Most Innovative Product / Platform Award
2 months of free full-time membership to Fishburners co-working space and entrepreneur community - provides the winner with 24/7 access to the Fishburners working space and a dedicated desk.
Global Access Advisors Catapult Prize
Enjoy a half day with Global Access Advisors and its partners in Australia to discuss cross border market entry and capital raising. The winner will also be able to choose between having their fees waived for a Catapult Mission or enjoy a day in Silicon Valley, NYC or Israel with investors and business partners.
Google Logo
Google Mentoring Session
A 2 hour mentoring session at Google’s Australian headquarters in Sydney with Alan Noble, Engineering Director at Google Australia.
Hills Logo
Hills Fast Track Award
Pitch for funding, business assistance and use of Hills Innovation Centre in Adelaide.
Bill Bartee Photo
Meeting with Bill Bartee
A one-on-one meeting with the legendary Bill Bartee (Blackbird Ventures and Southern Cross Venture Partners) to gain advice and direction on your business.
Paul Bassat Photo
Meeting with Paul Bassat
The lucky winner of this prize will get the chance to meet with Paul Bassat (SEEK’s co-founder and now Square Peg).
Daniel Petre Photo
Meeting with Daniel Petre
Daniel Petre will be yours for an hour! The winner of this prize gets to meet with Daniel Petre to discuss and learn.
MYOB’s Online Innovation for Small Business Award
Receive a ‘Mind Your Own Startup’ package which includes:
- 3 minute promotional video of your product using the MYOB recording studio
- UX review of your product
- Technical due diligence review of your accounting software
- MYOB API membership and support package
Noah Consulting Logo
The Noah Consulting Disruption Award
$5,000 worth of really helpful consulting services, for the compilation of a R&D tax incentive claim or Commercialisation Australia application.
The NRMA Innovation in Sustainable Solutions Award
$3k cash and a mentoring session with senior managers and NRMA partner companies.
PayPal Logo
The PayPal People Powered Innovation Award
$5000 cash prize awarded to a company that develops an innovation that drives better human experiences.
REA Group Logo
REA Group Digital Disruptor Award
$5,000 in cash for this "Digital Disruptor" plus a tour of REA Group's headquarters in Melbourne.
REA Group Logo
REA Group Connected Marketplace Award
$5,000 in cash plus a tour of REA Group’s headquarters in Melbourne
S2M Logo
S2M Digital Recruitment Key Hire Award
1 hour mentoring session with S2M Founder David Jackson to scope initial recruitment and a FREE hire of next employee.
Sirca Logo
Sirca University Medal for Student-led Tech Entrepreneurship
Awarded to the most outstanding technology startup lead by a recent or current university student.
ThoughtWorks Logo
ThoughtWorks Disruptive Innovation Award
$10,000 of consulting and/or delivery services from ThoughtWorks to assist you on your ambitious mission!
Startup Blueprint Logo
PayPal's Startup Blueprint program entry for each of the Innovation Island Companies!
Including free PayPal payment fees of USD 50,000 and free processing for up to transaction volume of USD 100,000 on Braintree PLUS global mentorship and support.