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Staff survey meets social network
CueZero combines the best of staff surveys and social networks to create a dynamic environment for survey feedback and inquiry. Instead of the traditional, one-way feedback flow on a fixed annual schedule, staff and leaders in CueZero maintain a continuous connection through a newsfeed of questions, follow-up questions and communications. Leaders and HR can access real-time dashboard results rather than waiting weeks for results. Staff can even suggest and vote on future survey questions for inclusion, so that the organisational 'crowd' can be leveraged for continuous collaboration, problem-solving and innovation. It’s the survey reimagined, for agile teams.

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Enabled Employment

Enabled Employment: Telework for People with Disability
Enabled Employment is a unique employment service changing the way people with disability find work. The company matches skilled candidates with telework employment opportunities through an online portal. All jobs advertised are completely virtual, removing many of the physical barriers people with disability face in employment. Employers are not required to make adjustments, or even have an office or desk available.Enabled Employment manages payroll tax, insurances, superannuation and contracts. The company recruits candidates from entry level to senior executive roles, including accountants, lawyers, graphic designers, software developers, virtual assistants and any other job that can be undertaken remotely. Visit for more information.

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Golden Aussie Causes

Convenient donations to different charities, weekly.
Golden Aussie Causes helps people discover and support a wide range of charities every year. We search for boutique causes among the thousands of registered charities in Australia, and amplify their message to our members, who pledge a donation. The focus charity changes each week, meaning our users get to help make real change in lots and lots of ways, effortlessly.

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Paypal Meets Uber for Deliveries.
Shippit will provide the most ubiquitous & convenient service for online parcel delivery in Australia - think PayPal meets Uber - connecting consumers and online retailers to Australia's largest network of couriers where deliveries can be scheduled, tracked and managed.

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Welcoming future enterprise cloud experiences
KnowledgeFlux is creating the intranet experience of the future – revolutionizing management of strategic knowledge and worker productivity. We deliver breakthroughs in accessing cloud assets, collaboration, search, information visualization, knowledge capture & re-use, and knowledge worker analytics. Our UI is a big jump, up to the cloud, and 3D capable. Designed by Intranet experts, our UI is page less. This simplifies information access, and enables fully immersive ‘business information worlds’. This improves productivity, human connectedness & knowledge flows. Information access is faster, smarter, more flexible, visually intuitive, and more fun! Initial modules include

Deployment options include on premise, and SAP HANA powered.

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Manage BGL

Saves lives of diabetic kids
ManageBGL has a visualisation framework that helps diabetics to understand and predict their blood sugars based on insulin and carbohydrate data, and incorporates data from fitness devices, blood test meters and other devices to keep them safer.

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Skedis revolutionises scheduling.
Skedis is simple. Skedis revolutionises scheduling. Skedis empowers you to find out the best possible time with maximum attendance for any event with its automated and dynamic system. Skedis will become your "life in the palm of your hands" empowering you to cut through the complexity of organising any event. Don’t say: "let's schedule a time to find out the best possible time with the maximum number of people that can attend". Just say "let’s Skedis a time". "Let’s Skedis a coffee", "let’s Skedis a meeting", "let's Skedis a holiday." Skedis a time, Skedis a solution. Skedis is scheduling success.

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The Safety Compass

Augmented reality safety/environmental risk management
The Safety Compass is an augmented reality app which assists in communicating work health & safety, environmental risk management and site information to users based on their GPS location in the field and existing client information. Often this type of information is buried in paper heavy management systems - the Safety Compass app removes this barrier. The Safety Compass app was developed by an Australian based IT company and version 1 testing is complete. The app won the 2013 University of Wollongong Pitch Competition - Post Grad Student category

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A new online travel marketplace is an online platform that connects traveller’s with travel agents during the travel booking process. The unique centralised Tripbooka platform allows all types of travelers (family, professionals, semi-retired or gap year leavers) to seamlessly and anonymously submit all components of their desired trip in one place and giving access to professional travel agents. Once submitted, the Tripbooka platform invites travel agents to quote and compete for these trips. Uniquely, Tripbooka enables two-way communication before any personal details are required. Tripbooka offers a seamless online experience for the traveller which is tailored with the expertise of an offline travel agent.